MDMS: My Gratitude List

I am grateful:

  1. For my sweetie, who makes it all worthwhile
  2. For my therapists, who helped me make sense of it
  3. For my friends, who love me for all my flaws
  4. For my job, which has turned into a career
  5. For my secret project – more to be revealed in the future
  6. For my dog, because it is incredibly hard to stay in a bad mood when you have a dog in your life
  7. For my cats, because they are incredibly affectionate
  8. For my students, because they teach me
  9. For my teachers, physical virtual and written.
  10. For God/dess and His/Her care of me throughout my life
  11. For the lessons They have decided I need to learn
  12. For learning to hear the whistle of the Cosmic 2×4 and responding sooner rather than later
  13. That I live close enough to a city that I can enjoy its wealth, without paying the price for it
  14. For being able to return to Muay Thai and other physical activity
  15. that my energy has returned

I don’t spend a lot of time on gratitude, I think I take it (too much) for granted.

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