Mr. Toad is Back

It’s been a good and bad day.

Good, because one of the last procedures I’ll need for awhile was done and I have a lot more freedom. Yes, the drain is gone. I no longer have a tube and hard plastic stuck into my body. Just an ache where it was.

Bad because the extent of my cancer is wider than we thought, and I have been recommended to see a medical oncologist about starting chemotherapy. This was a nasty surprise given that my surgery went so well and everyone felt they’d ‘gotten’ all of the cancer cells. To be clear, I don’t necessarily still have cancer . . . I just MIGHT have cancer cells spread throughout my body.

Yeah — that makes it better, doesn’t it?

I’m learning not to take anything for granted. There is no certainty. I must simply say ‘yes’ and accept.

Thank you for your continued support. It means a great deal to me. I’ll keep you posted on what all of this means.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Toad is Back

  1. Diana

    Grrr…I’m glad you’re about. Working on some things for you amidst the chaos! The selective vacuum visualization comes to mind…

  2. lisa Post author

    “Work” has been difficult to almost impossible for me since the surgery — the narcotics have had a dampening effect. I’m looking forward to resuming my full awareness and abilities soon, though.

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