Over the years I have had the privilege of working with others in a variety of ritual situations and it is one of my tremendous pleasures in being a Priestess.

I specialize in coming of age rituals, and have a knack for creating ceremonies that honor my clients’ wishes without offending attendees of other denominations or perspectives.

So, bring your ritual ideas to me. Together we will craft a ritual that expresses your needs and wishes, invoking the magick of the Lord & Lady in Their various Aspects to manifest your True Will.


2 Responses to Priestessing

  1. Hi My name is Rebecca Akins. I am 17 and I need a dedication spell to the wiccan religion and was wondering if you could help me. thank you.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    What calls you to Wicca? (you can write to me directly if you wish, my email is hps_at_jaguarmoon_dot_org with appropriate changes made.)

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