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Published in Spellcraft!

Spellcraft magazine is ‘the ultimate guide to magick in the southern hemisphere’ and the Spring 2008 issue (#10) features an entire section on cyber witch. I’ve got an article in there about Pagan Schooling Online (page 20). I’ve always liked this magazine (this is my third article/working with them in as many years) amd feel its one of the best pagan magazines available — even if everything is ‘backwards’! 🙂

Go check it out:

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3 Responses to “Published in Spellcraft!”

  • Lupa says:

    Congrats! I really need to send them something, been intending to for a while.

  • lisa says:

    If you need the contact info, or an introduction to, their editor, just let me know. (I’m going for a record for most-often-used commas in a single sentence.) She (that’s her name, not just a pronoun) is a wonderful lady.

  • Calliope says:

    😆 It’s not backwards to me! Congratulations! I’m glad to hear you are in there, Spellcraft is a great magazine. It will be wonderful to read the article.

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