Revisiting the past

“No matter how often you revisit the past, there is nothing new to see.” ~from Pinterest

It is true that you may not see something new, but you sure as heck can look at it in a new light.

How often have we committed a sin, taken an action, spewed out words that led to trouble or even trauma? In the moment, in that time, we would push the ‘undo’ button immediately, take it back, make it not happen.

And yet . . . time passes, and that terrible event becomes a defining moment, a moment when you were changed forever. More time passes and that defining moment becomes an integral part of your life, your story, your purpose.

I look back on the really horrible things that have happened to me . . . and I do not regret a single one of them. I would not change them, if I could. They are a necessary part of what makes me . . . ME.


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  1. I say of traumas and tragedies in my life “It wanted to happen.” I say that every disappointment is an opportunity, and being happy in life means making the most out of whatever happens to you. After all, childhood is trauma; none escape unscathed. Some have it much worse, but nobody can be destroyed: the innermost spirit is invincible.

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