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10 Year Anniversary Weekend

It was our 10-year anniversary (of making ‘googly eyes, as J. likes to say) and we decided to visit Ashland. Always a favorite, and also the first vacation we took together all those years ago.

Amuse Restaurant Review

Our last night in Ashland was dinner at Amuse. It was heavenly. We began with grilled asparagus and wood-smoked prawns. J. then had the pork chop, while I went for the pan-seared sturgeon. We finished with beignets. Magnificent.

Ashland, Day Three

Another great night of sleep, and a lovely breakfast at the Inn. Today we had orange-banana smoothies, followed by a melon cup with dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. The main course was a light salad of spring greens, toasted cheese bread and a souffle of asparagus, bacon and blue cheese. Quite tasty. We chatted with the innkeeper about restaurants and …Continue reading →

Ashland, Day Two

We began with another lovely breakfast here at the Inn. Today it was a berry smoothies, followed by grilled pineapple with a vanilla creme, baked french toast with cranberry-orange sauce and pork sausage. Yum. Then we headed across the street to the Blue Giraffe, site of our annual ‘couples massage’. This year we didn’t do a side by side (since …Continue reading →

Ashland, Day One

We drove in a straight shot yesterday, leaving around noon and ending up in our room by 7:30 — which is incredibly good time for stopping three times for food, gas, and/or liquids.  (Sasha, of course, went for a walk at each stop.) I’d made a torta from our leftovers, and it made a nummy meal. (That’s another post.) The …Continue reading →