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Dancing with Mercury, Backwards: Doing More Than Just Surviving Mercury Retrograde

I was talking with a woman at the gym the other day and she told me a story about trying to meet up with a friend coming in from out of town. It was a tale of missed calls, lost emails, and misunderstood words. When she was done, I commiserated, then asked her when this happened. Her reply matched with my suspicions and I said “Did you know you were doing all of that during Mercury retrograde?”

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Astrology Can Be A Useful Tool

In the hands of a skilled reader, astrology can be a useful tool. As proof, of sorts, I offer excerpts from Susan Miller’s forecast for Virgo, June 2010:

. . . Mars had spent an inordinately long time in Leo, reaching back to October 2009, and this is unusual. Mars typically spends seven weeks in a sign, not eight months! The placement of Mars in Leo put you in a holding pattern over the last months, but that’s about to end now.

. . .It’s also possible that you’ve had a lot of interaction with medical professionals lately, for the twelfth house rules health and healing. Perhaps you had surgery, needed long-term treatments, or required physical therapy.

One reason her forecasts are highly useful for me is that I am a double Virgo (sun and ascendant), others might find reading both forecasts for their different signs will yield a high probability of accuracy each month.

Plain Beauty, Disguised Power

I’m not usually a fan of Rob Brezsny, but this week’s horoscope for Virgo strongly resonated with me:

“The more beautiful the bird, the poorer the singer,” wrote L. M. Boyd. “Peacocks scream, macaws screech. Birds of Paradise croak.” Among the most interesting singers, on the other hand, are birds that are far less spectacular in appearance: the Black-capped Chickadee, the Willow Thrush, and the White-throated Sparrow. Keep that in mind as you navigate your way through the coming week’s dilemmas. My personal inclination is to favor inspiring singing over comely appearance, but you may have a different bias. The important thing is to recognize the nature of the options before you. Halloween costume suggestion: Incorporate the themes of plain beauty, secret genius, disguised power, and open secrets.

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Astrological-Based Scheduling

There are a number of astrological “rules” for scheduling surgery and although I am not a professional astrologer, I know enough to seek out this knowledge and try to incorporate it into my treatment. Rules is in quotes because we don’t always get to choose the time or date, and because the most important factor is not related to astrology, but to the surgeon’s competence. That said, if you have the luxury to participate in the scheduling of your surgery, there are several things to look for, or plan around.

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