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Sorry for the lack of update

Chemo #3 went well . . . but there was quite a bit of aftermath. First of all, I seemed to get a bit of an infection that required antibiotics. This was on Wednesday, chemo day. I absolutely had a brain freeze and just didn’t think to tell my oncologist (yes, I know — stupid of me) until Thursday evening. …Continue reading →

Brace Yourself

It’s just not that pretty. But its what I look like now. (And yes, I do feel like my image is much more like scruffy chick just barely dried than Sinead O’Connor.) 🙂

Losing My Hair

First off: my fever broke Wed night. I took it easy yesterday, but am back to work today (tho’ likely not for the full day). Things are starting to get a bit critical and I’m needed on site. Most importantly: on time, and unmistakably, I am losing my hair. My advice for anyone who may read this because they are …Continue reading →

Sunday update

I’m hurrying to write this before my dilaudid ‘kicks in’ and I become illiterate once again. I think I got an infection in my breast yesterday — it was hot to the touch, slightly swollen, and red, like sunburned. We called my surgeon (they have a service that puts you through to him directly if he can take the call …Continue reading →

The Tunnel Has An End

A bit of an update. I love my oncologist. If anyone wants a recommendation for an oncologist in the South Seattle area, contact me. I’ll gladly give you his  information. He is just plain NICE, with a warm ‘bedside manner’ and truly listens. If I have chemo and Tamoxifen, my chance of having a recurrence of breast cancer is in …Continue reading →

Just When You Start to Hope . . .

I got some big news on Friday afternoon and decided to share it with the world (or at least the 20 of you who read this blog and all future google searchers . . .) so forgive me if I repeat information you already know. Also, I may give you more detail than you really want, and I apologize in …Continue reading →

It’s been an Exciting Week

I’m still trying not to type too much . . . but life requires it, so I’ll just be brief-ish. J’s mom went into the hospital last week, I believe on NY’s Eve. They thought it was pneumonia, but antibiotics didn’t seem to work, and then she started to have physical issues, including not being able to communicate and unable …Continue reading →

ok . . . ok . . . I get it

I swear, I do listen to y’all. More important, I act on your advice. It seems like everyone ‘yelled’ at me yesterday, both here and via email. I was taking action even then: I met with my therapist: I am not crazy, I am in pain, I need to get on top of the pain as my first priority. I …Continue reading →

Apparently, I am Injured

WARNING: A whining, ranting, and generally self-pitying post follows Perhaps this is obvious to everyone else, but I really though that, SEVEN weeks post-surgery, I would be in better shape. Or at least no longer taking much, if any, pain medication. Every tells me to take it easy, and not be so hard on myself, but I really don’t think …Continue reading →

Meeting the Oncologist

I continue to be fortunate in that every medical professional I’ve worked with (with a few minor exceptions) are warm, caring, knowledgeable, competent people. My oncologist is one of those. He could see how nervous I was, and one of the first things he did was to start at the beginning and have me tell him about what my cancer …Continue reading →