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Living Frugal: A Chicken in the Pot Equals Three Meals

A whole chicken is a marvelous way to produce three (or more) meals inexpensively and with little time on your part. Here’s how we do it. Night One: Roast Chicken Dinner 3.5-4.5lb chicken 2 Tbl pesto, OR lemon and 1 Tbl olive oil and 1 tsp salt Remove neck and innards; discard innards but put neck in the freezer for …Continue reading →

Cornbread w/ Mixed Berries

The other night I didn’t feel like cooking, but wanted to eat something based on berries. I was hungry, so I didn’t want to wait too long. Although a Dutch Baby would qualify (and yummily so), I didn’t have enough eggs. Time to be creative. I found a box of cornbread/muffin mix (you know the brand, its the little blue …Continue reading →

Heaven in a Bowl: Lisa’s Winter Stew

A few weeks ago, I’d asked J. to pick up a mix of root veggies so we could have them with various upcoming meals. He got a couple of sweet potatoes, garnet yams, russet potatoes, yukon golds (about 1 lb) and a couple of butternut squash. The law of cooking being what it is in my household, we ate one …Continue reading →