Things Accomplished

Bucket List Items Already Achieved

Last week I created a Bucket List of things I still want to achieve. As promised, here are the things I’ve already accomplished in my lifetime, all 187 of them:

Make homemade pasta
Cirque du Soleil in NYC, Las Vegas, Portland
Make my own beer
Can/ preserve food
Save someone’s life
Be witness to someone’s death
See the Rosetta Stone
Catch fireflies in a jar
Kiss in the rain
See a drive in movie
Watch a meteor shower
Learn to drive stick shift
Go skinny dipping
Learn to play an instrument (cello)
Give blood
See the Northern Lights
Learn CPR
White water rafting
Fly 1st Class
Milk a cow
Milk a goat
Get eggs from under a chicken
Rescue an animal from a shelter
Experience an earthquake
Go snorkeling
See a concert at the Gorge
See a Broadway musical
See something off-Broadway
Climb a tree
Take ‘shrooms
Take xtacy (MDMA)
Smoke dope
Write a letter to my Congressperson
Write a letter to my Senator
Protest something
Drive cross country
Ski in Vermont
Publish an article
Publish a book
Keep a blog
Be debt free (lasted until I bought a house)
Be a groupie for a band
Speak publically
Create an online class
Teach online
Lead a seminar in person
Max out my 401(k)
Open an IRA; max it out
Create a website
Quit caffeine
Quit smoking
Win a medal (swimming, 100 meter freestyle)
Be more social
Have weekly get-togethers
Fall in love
Get Married (do over!)
Make all of the gifts I give for xmas
Donate hair to Locks of Love
Resign from a ‘bad fit’ job, without a new one lined up
Become a professional (paid) writer
Watch the sunrise
Watch the sunset
Cook a special meal
Fly a kite
Learn to meditate
Fight cancer
Do therapy
Play darts
Fix a toilet leak
Sew something (curtains)
Finish a needlepoint
Chef’s table at Commodor’s Palace (New Orleans)
Lunch at Taillevant (Paris)
Sleep under the stars
Sleep on a beach
Drive more than 150 mph
Get up in the middle of the night to meet a guy
Flirt outrageously
Declutter my house
Declutter my life
Go to a gay bar
Write a love letter
Play quarters
Bake bread
Bake a cake
Make a scrapbook
Travel by myself
Read the bible
Buy a house
Sell a house
Graduate college
Dress up in costume and go to a party
Drive stick shift
Have my aura read
Have a professional astrological reading
Spend a fortune on a meal of a lifetime (Joel Roubuchon)
Go to a midnight movie premiere
Go fly fishing
Rebuild my computer
Design my own jewelry
Have it made
Sleep in a car
Attend a fashion show
See the Blue Man Group
Dance at Fuerza Bruta
Visit a Ren Faire
Go boogie boarding
Learn astrology
Be on unemployment
Get hypnotized
Attend a sweat lodge ceremony
Ride in a taxi in NYC
Find my passion (at least, one of them!)
Drive a sports car
Eat oysters
Eat sweetbreads
Eat sea urchins
Create a legacy that will outlive me
Save more than $100k
Change my own tire
Pay off my car early
Buy a house in my name only
Dye my hair purple
Shave my hair and be bald
See The Who in concert
Participate in a scavenger hunt
Participate in a murder mystery
Publish a poem
Attend a Seder
Create something in pottery
Buy my Dad a fancy dinner
Buy my Mom a fancy dinner
Vacation with my family
Read 5000 books
Bike to work
Paint a house (interior)
Swim in Pacific and Atlantic oceans

Travel Specific

Grand Canyon
Niagara Falls
Disney World
Disney Land
Cape Cod
Camping in Maine
New York City
Cape May, NJ
Ate crab in Maryland
Saw the Chincoteague ponies (MD)
Reservation in AZ/ NM
San Francisco
St. Lucia
St. Thomas
Wine tasting in New York
Wine tasting in California
Wine tasting in Oregon
San Juab Islands
Hike the Adirondacks
Algonquin park
Pacific Coast Highway
Vancouver, BC
Washington DC
Kauai, HI
Salt flats, UT
43 of 50 states (NOT: AK, ND, SD, MN, WI, MI, IA)
Napa Valley
Visited a rainforest (Olympic Peninsula)
Oregon Coast
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
CA Redwood Forest
See the RSC at Straford-Upon-Avon

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