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Things Are Better for Me

I’m doing better at coping with the slow recovery, I think. At least I’m not so whiny as last week.

Last week I managed to walk Sasha 2x/day for 15 mins each. Sunday morning I walked her around the block (which is about 25 mins). It was a huge accomplishment for me. Better still, I’ve done that every day (except today). Moreover, J. and I have been starting to do strength training in the evenings. M-W-F are focused on the upper body, T-Th-S on the lower body. It’s early days yet to say how its going, but I have high hopes.

I’ve learned that I just won’t exercise regularly if its up to me. Aside from walking the dog, that is (and that’s a chore). I need a partner, someone to be accountable to, to talk to, and to go with. That is a tough admission to make, it breaks my ‘I can do it alone’ image.  Yes, I still cling to that even after this nine months of not doing anything alone (except suffer). The upshot of this increase in exercise means that I am quite sore from shoulders to feet. Which is uncomfortable . . . but necessary. I’m not ‘over’ doing it — I just am very weak and out of shape, so basically doing anything other than the ordinary is an effort. Effort = building muscles/ shedding fat (we hope). So, I start slow and work my way into larger and larger efforts.

Right now, for example, 15 mins of strength training is my limit. Luckily, I have good form and can pace myself well.

My goal(s): walk 2x/day 25 and 15 mins and strength training for 15 mins.

Other than that: J. and I are off to Ashland for the weekend.

2 Responses to “Things Are Better for Me”

  1. on 10 Jun 2010 at 10:10 pm Diana

    Progress happens in inches rather than miles. I’m glad you’re staying on top of yourself!

  2. on 11 Jun 2010 at 6:41 am lisa

    That prompted an utterly hilarious image. 🙂

    I am REALLY having to work on the concept of patience. I have yards of it for others, but bare millimeters of it for myself.

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