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Welcome Sasha!

It’s a new year, and we decided to celebrate by taking in a puppy. Everyone, meet Sasha.

She's always in motion

As you can see, she’s always in motion. Except when the puppy energy runs out and she falls asleep.

sleeping Sasha

Sasha is a pure-bred (but not registered) black Lab (Labrador Retriever). Born on September 9, she is just under 8 weeks old, and a Virgo. To give you an idea of her size, the ‘Kong’ chewtoy in this next picture is about 3 inches long.

She was very quiet the first night, and seems content to sleep in her crate (which is big enough for the dog she will eventually become) and chew on her toys. She seems to be teething and so we’re really having to stay on top of the ‘don’t bite’ lessons. Her grasp of potty training is . . . variable. Ah well — we humans don’t do as well when we’re her age either.

It’s very exciting, and overwhelmingly cute.

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