A selection of Lisa Mc Sherry’s writings published in other places.

A History of Magick, Online

A perspective on the Sacred & Profane

Choosing to Work Magick Online: A Guideline for Seekers

Creating Online Ritual

Cyber Altars: Using New Technology in Traditional Ways

Cyber Ritual Overview

Goddess of the Hearth: Hestia/ Vesta

Grief and Loss: A Perspective

Handcrafted Ritual Tools (with Ian Roarke) — PanGaia #45, Nov. 2006 (This will download a .pdf)

Keep Walking: My Journey with Cancer — SageWoman No. 80, March, 2011 (This will download a .pdf)

Magick Online: A New Perspective on an Old Tradition

Marking the Transition From Child to Adolescent (A Ritual Outline)

Mechanics of a Cybercoven: Tools & Equipment

Pagan Predators

Some Thoughts on Death & Dying

The Wiccan Rede

Things for the Younger Witch to Consider

What is NeoPagan Clergy?

Witches and the Moon

All pieces used with permission.


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