Monthly Archives: September 1967

Hello world!

Welcome to my attempt at blogging. As fascinated as I am by LiveJournal, and the fact that basically all of my friends participate on it, I just can’t bring myself to join that community. I’m frankly aghast at this desire to ‘journal’ in public… it feels vaguely obscene, like indulging in salacious finger-licking on Easter Sunday in a Catholic cathedral.

A friend asked me what I have against LJ and I replied:

“Nothing. Its just that so many Journals become housewife diaries. You know:

“Dear Diary,

Adam looked at me today. It kind of freaked me out.

Ate the apple per instructions.”

The Journals that post real content on a regular basis — those are the Journals I respect and admire. I’m not ready for that, and in not achieving perfection I must find a soothing compromise.

Yet, like many ‘obscene’ things, I’m drawn to the process and I want to partake. So, welcome to my way of doing things: This is my walk on the borders, the fringes, and in between worlds.