This continues to be an exciting time to be a Pagan. Borders are erased by electronic structures, replacing out-dated social conventions and giving rise to a Gaian entity, while at the same time we teeter on the edge of chaos, looking into the Abyss yet never, quite, falling into it. We move between synthetic and organic life, local communities and the endless, exciting, flow of global goods with information the ultimate marker of value. I see this time as evidence of a blurring of the line between normal and irrational, a reflection of the fact that humans live within all frequencies of the socioeconomic spectrum.

Humans have been encoding thought and experience since we first began carving bones to mark the lunar cycles. As we discover new methods of communication – drums, papyrus, books, radios, computers – we reevaluate and redefine the world in terms of the new technologies’ properties, creating new modes of opportunity, thought and social experience. By appropriating new communication technologies, the spirit creates symbols and rituals – hieroglyphs, printing presses, online databases.

This site is the virtual home for many of my various projects. As different as they are, they all have one thing in common: they were created from a desire to fill a vacuum, a hole in the community. My projects have included documenting our ventures into cyberspace — opening new territory while maintaining the strength of our traditional knowledge; manifesting a tradition-based coven (JaguarMoon.org , now in it’s twentieth year); creating an ever-growing database of reviews of items of interest to our community (at FacingNorth.net); participating in cutting edge magickal theory; and outlining a magickal and spiritual perspective of group dynamics.

Looking to the future, my tradition continues to evolve, requiring updating and new documentation and I’m re-involving myself in presentations on leadership and related topics.


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