Monthly Archives: April 2016

What Am I Grateful For?

I am grateful, first and foremost, for my husband. He has been in my life for 15 years now and is the sun to my earth, the musician for my dance, the partner of my dreams.

I am grateful for my job, which is stimulating and diverse and yet pays me well enough to live my dreams.

I am grateful for my friends. They are a wonderful group of interesting, intelligent people. Through them I learn about the world and see it through different eyes.

I am grateful for my coven, past, present, and future. Through them I am taught new things, constantly.

I am grateful for my teachers. Their gentle discipline and guidance has opened up new vistas for me to explore.

I am grateful for my family. We’ve been through a lot, and evolved into several different permutations, and there will always be love.

I am grateful for my home, which is beautiful and a source of safety on many levels.

I am grateful for the Deity, without whom I would not be.