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Divorce Survey

hey there — do me a favor and help a good friend out.

Diana Rajchel is writing a book on neopagans and divorce. She’s written a survey to collect data to be discussed in various part sof the book, and she needs people to fill out the survey.  She writes:

I am looking for divorced neopagans to participate in an intensive survey about their divorce and handparting experiences. If you live in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, I would also like to interview you on camera for an online/free release documentary on the subject. The data you share will contribute to building services for the greater neopagan community.

I do ask that you complete this Liability release before participating in the survey. You can contact me here for where to send it electronically.

Participate in the survey – open until August 31, 2010

This is an important work. Please participate and spread the word.


How to ‘kill’ a year?

My 43rd birthday is coming up, and we’re thinking about actually having a party.

I’d like to do something to ‘kill’ my 42nd year. It was such a dreadful time I do NOT want to have to go through it again. But I’m not coming up with a good symbology for it. I don’t want to do a whole ritual thing, most of my friends are non-pagans. But I keeping thinking that if we did the cake in a particular way, we’d eat the year and therefore kill it dead.

Or something. I’m stuck on this one — any ideas?

P.S.  I updated the picture in the ‘A Year Ago . . .‘ post.

A year ago . . .

A year ago, J.and I had dinner with some friends and this picture was taken:

So much has changed since then, huh?

Now I’ve replaced a breast with a BLO, am regrowing hair lost in chemo, and 10 pounds heavier. I’m also a non-smoker and in better health than I have been since my 20s. I’ve learned that I am, at core, incredibly resilient.

I also learned who my friends really are and what generosity truly means.

Today I’m not packing. I’ll be doing cleaning-type things — laundry, dishes, and the bathrooms — as well as some general organizing. The weather has cooled, so it’s a pleasure to be bopping around.

What Saturday July 10th looks like for me

6am — Sasha wakes me up

6:45 — plan day

7am-10am — paint the hall woodwork (doorways, baseboards)

10:30 — aqua aerobics

12 — remove hat hooks in hall; spackle holes; pack hats

2pm — put finals on LR curtain rods

2:30 — take Sasha to lake for a swim

4pm — get ready for coworker’s wedding reception

5:30 — feed Sasha; drive into Seattle for reception

8:30 — leave reception

9pm — walk Sasha; change clothes, relax before bed

10pm — go to bed

Somewhere in there is breakfast (cold cereal with blueberries) and lunch (I have no idea; we don’t have sandwich makings or leftovers. I may have to stop in at the grocery store after aqua aerobics).

Busy day, in very humid weather. All because J. is traveling and I am alone (wail!) Theoretically, however, it will mean that tomorrow I only have laundry, cleaning, and writing (blog posts!) to do.

July Update at Facing North!

Summer is truly here in the Pacific Northwest (my home) and we have a bounty of reading materials for you to curl up with in the shade of a tree.

This month we have reviews of:

Talking About the Elephant
Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick
Raising Hell
Real Witches Coven
Chinese Astrology
10 Things to Do when Your Life Falls Apart
Living Well with Pain & Illness
Lucid Food
Art and Practice of Geomancy