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You Can’t Get Away from Yourself

One of the things that excited us about retiring early and moving to a new country was that we could both develop new — healthier — habits. We felt (as do many) that our working life was geared to taking care of our employer’s needs rather than our own. Even when we were relieved from hours of daily commute by the pandemic lock-down, we found ourselves needing to be more aware of when we were “on the clock” and not so as to be good employees, rather than slackers.

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For many years, J. and I shared custody of two dogs, Sasha from late 2007 and Leo in mid 2015, and two cats, from late 2011. Thus a seasonal rite of passage was the great shedding as all of them lost their heavy winter coats.

This post is not about that kind of shedding.

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Exciting times coming

I’ve got a release date and (pretty firm) title for the new book! A Witch’s Guide to Crafting Your Practice will be released October 2022. I’m quite excited, and hoping to put together a book launch around that time.

As well, my new website — — will launch on January 3rd. Meant to be a single source for all of my projects, these blog posts will ‘port over there.

Happy New (Calendar) Year!


Grieving My Whole Life

Autumn is a liminal time for me, a place where we move from one state of being into another. Most of my life, its been a time of massive energy, a shifting from the slow relaxing days of summer into the increased pace of back-to-school or oh-look-year-end-is-coming of work. September has always been a shift into a higher gear, one that doesn’t ease off until January.

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