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Changes: Experiences, Not Things

Back when we were first together, J. and I struggled during the holidays. Thanksgiving was often with my family, but then we went back and forth between celebrating the Solstice, “my” holiday, and Christmas (his). It was a complicated decision based on the calendar, gift-giving, and odd emotional callbacks and family-of-origin dynamics.

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Samhain Thoughts

Tonight, in the light of the moon peering through the towering pines behind my house, I will offer myself up to Deity in a ritual I have done every year since 1980. I pledged myself then, and renew that vow in recognition of Their regard of, and for, me.
In my spiritual tradition, this is a day (and night) to honor our beloved ancestors. We take time to pause and look at all those who came before us, paving the way and providing the skills and assistance we used to get to where we are.

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Shifting Seasons

Autumn is a liminal time for me, a place where we move from one state of being into another. Most of my life, its been a time of massive energy, a shifting from the languid days of summer into the purpose full days of the harvest. For years the pattern was set by the return to school, with its formalized schedule and targeted knowledge absorption. Then it was office work, where clients themselves would come back from vacations, ready to face their duties again, and bringing me in to assist. Continue reading