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Failure has been a theme in my life for several months now, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. At first glance failure and success are opposites: to fail is to not succeed and success is an absence of failure. In my ruminations, however, I’ve come to understand that while they may be polarized, more often they are intertwined in a complex relationship.

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April Update at Facing North!

Considering we just had hail the other day, and woke up to frost on the ground, its not feeling much like Spring. But we here at Facing North are happy to huddle up and read the latest, then write about it for you!

This month we have reviews of:
The Judgments of the Nativities
Low Magick: Its all In Your Head . . . You Just Don’t Know How Big Your Head Is
The Lightworkers Circle Guide: A Workbook for Spiritual Groups
The Comfort of Apples: Modern Recipes for an Old-Fashioned Favorite
The Force of Kindness: Change Your Life With Love and Compassion
365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope and Love
For Seven Lifetimes: An East-West Journey to a Spiritually Fulfilling and Sustainable Marriage
Be Blessed: Daily Devotions for Busy Wiccans and Pagans
The Three Rays of Witchcraft: Power, Love, and Wisdom in the Garden of the Gods
Wicca for One

We also have two notices of upcoming events:
Aquarian Organization of Astrologers: Cross-Cultural Studies with Dr. Dennis Harness
10th Annual Pagan Festival in Berkeley, CA

Finally, we have an article and an interview with Eric Maisel, author of the incredibly interesting Mastering Creative Anxiety. (Review coming next month.)

Me = Super Busy

Mercury retrograde is really playing a nasty game with me right now. I worked 70+ hours last week, and will be very focused today through Wed.

Just so you know, I’m fine, just *VERY* busy.

A Virtual Choir

Much of my spiritual work is managed online, and I’m a proponent of the positive power of the Internet — despite increasing leevls of spam and threats to my security from nasty scumsuckers.

My HP sent this to me today, and I had to share:

Behold the positive transformative power of the Internet. I dare you not to weep.

Note: I did not link to the original, because the first comment on this person’s blog includes background information and a transcription of the lyrics, which are especially lovely.