A selection of Lisa Mc Sherry’s writings


A Perspective on the Sacred & Profane

Called to Lead — Witches & Pagans #22

Coming Together: A Look at Pagan Group Structures

The Ethics of Wicca

Goddess of the Hearth: Hestia/ Vesta — The Beltane Papers No. 30, Summer 2003

Grief and Loss: A Perspective — The Beltane Papers No. 27, Spring 2002

Handcrafted Ritual Tools (with Ian Roarke) — PanGaia #45, Nov. 2006 (This will download/open a .pdf)

Hidden Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth and Home — Witches & Pagans #30, Summer, 2015

Magickal De-Stressing

Pagan Predators

Private Ritual for the Death of a Parent

Sacred Places: Brigid’s Well, Kildare, Ireland

Simplicity as an Act of Worship — SageWoman No. 69, Spring, 2006. (This will download/open a .pdf)

Some Thoughts on Death & Dying — The Beltane Papers No. 37, Winter 2005

Things for the Younger Witch to Consider — The Blessed Bee, No. 20, Spring 2004

Transforming Negativity: Magickal Aikido

What is NeoPagan Clergy?

The Wiccan Rede

The Wiccan Rede Project

Wedding As Ritual

Witches and the Moon

Working With the Dark Moon

Virtual Dynamics, Magick and Ritual

A History of Magick, Online

The Alchemy of Abundance: Practical Money Magick — PanGaia #49, Summer 2008. (This will download/open a .pdf)

Choosing to Work Magick Online: A Guideline for Seekers

Coming Together: A Look at Pagan Group Structure

Creating Online Ritual

Cyber Altars: Using New Technology in Traditional Ways  — The Beltane Papers No. 30, Summer 2003

Cyber Ritual Overview

Dancing with Mercury, Backwards: Doing More Than Just Surviving Mercury Retrograde

JaguarMoon: A Tradition Evolving in CyberSpace

Making Magickal Connections: Forming a Lasting Coven — Spellcraft Magazine, Issue 5. Winter 2007.  (This will download/open a .pdf)

Magick Online: A New Perspective on an Old Tradition (RP)

Mechanics of a Cybercoven: Tools & Equipment

Passing On Ritual for Marione — The Beltane Papers No. 39, Winter 2006


Bees, Butterflies, and Birds: How to Welcome Flying Friends Into Your Garden

Classic Calendula: A Sip of Summer Sunshine

Flowers for Chemo

Herbal Vinegars: A Healthy & Tasty Addition to Your Diet (RP)

Keep Walking: My Journey with Cancer — SageWoman No. 80, March, 2011 (This will download/open a .pdf)

The Magick of Harry Potter — PanGaia #25, Autumn 2000 (This will download/open a .pdf)

Modern Love — co-authored with D. Myers. PanGaia #36, Autumn 2003 (This will download/open a .pdf)

Pagan Schooling Online — Spellcraft #10, Spring 2008 (This will download/open a .pdf)

Persephone Reborn — co-authored with D. Myers.

Swimming in Deep Waters: Mermaids as Agents of Transformation — The Beltane Papers No. 35, Spring 2005

Warming Trend: Has Pagan Nonfiction Finally Come in from the Cold? — newWitch #12 May-July 2006 (This will download/open a .pdf)

All pieces used with permission.

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