Monthly Archives: February 2009

Living Frugal: Greening Your Condo/Apt/Townhome

We live in a town home — which in Washington is defined as a single family unit with at least one shared wall (a condo is multiple units within a single structure) — which makes ecological living more difficult. This is because we do not own the exterior of our house, need to get approval for interior changes, and don’t have our own landscape. But there are still a number of ways we’ve managed to ‘green’ our home.

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Living Well Within My Means: Food

When my partner, J., reduced his hours last year, our household took a financial hit. I’m at a place in my life where saving every bit will make a huge difference in my end of life quality of living. (As a side note, it is very weird to have your attention focused on 20 years in the future.) To make my savings goals, and still enjoy a reasonably comfortable life right now, we both concentrate on living within our means.

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A little silliness

Sorry for the silence, things have been nutsoid at work and in life. I’ve been spending a lot of time fending off a cold (J is down for the 2nd time this year with one), barely maintaining my personal responsibilities while work stuff is eating into even more of my private time, and hibernating to destress from work. That said, things have been fine (if our usual fantasticness) at the House of Smooches.

Now for the silliness: This is so wrong, on so many levels. I’m essentially speechless. But I hope Technocowboy checks it out! Maybe he’d like it for his birthday?