The Virtual Pagan 2.0

The Virtual Pagan 2.0 book coverIn 2002, I published The Virtual Pagan to introduce the idea of working magick in cyberspace to a world that was just starting to get online. At that time, I had to spend as much time on “how do I get my computer to connect to the internet” as I did on the ins and outs of online rituals. Now, in 2021, a more technologically sophisticated audience has more detailed and nuanced questions about the intersection of technology and spirituality. Thus, The Virtual Pagan 2.0

The power of the internet rests in its ability to build communities, share information, and transcend great distances. Practitioners of all forms of witchcraft have discovered its cutting-edge technology has the ability to weave centuries’ old magick with hyperlinks and fiber optics. For anyone interested in virtual magic and pagan culture, and divided into three helpful sections, Virtual Pagan 2.0 offers insights into finding other pagans and witches online, including a group or teacher that can provide what they need.