How to ‘kill’ a year?

My 43rd birthday is coming up, and we’re thinking about actually having a party.

I’d like to do something to ‘kill’ my 42nd year. It was such a dreadful time I do NOT want to have to go through it again. But I’m not coming up with a good symbology for it. I don’t want to do a whole ritual thing, most of my friends are non-pagans. But I keeping thinking that if we did the cake in a particular way, we’d eat the year and therefore kill it dead.

Or something. I’m stuck on this one — any ideas?

P.S.  I updated the picture in the ‘A Year Ago . . .‘ post.

5 thoughts on “How to ‘kill’ a year?

  1. lisa Post author

    LOL!!! Oh that is great.
    What image do we beat until it breaks? (I may have to make it myself.) The number 42? (Oh the irony.)

  2. Lorena

    Hmm, can’t say I like the idea of eating something unpleasant to dispose of it. I’ve always been in favor of burning things I want to release, and I don’t think it would freak out any non-pagans in the crowd–my experience is that folks around here are generally pretty accepting of stuff like that. But a piñata is a brilliant idea! You can smash the symbol of your choice, and then celebrate the gifts that are left behind.

    I’m confident that you’ll think of something appropriate. Let me know if you need help though, and I’ll do my best to assist however I can.

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