Monthly Archives: October 2009

Astrological-Based Scheduling

There are a number of astrological “rules” for scheduling surgery and although I am not a professional astrologer, I know enough to seek out this knowledge and try to incorporate it into my treatment. Rules is in quotes because we don’t always get to choose the time or date, and because the most important factor is not related to astrology, but to the surgeon’s competence. That said, if you have the luxury to participate in the scheduling of your surgery, there are several things to look for, or plan around.

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A Visit From Rabbit

A few weeks ago, I had several encounters with Rabbit.

Although we live in a populated suburb, surrounded by warehouses and housing developments, there is a strong natural component that remains from the years when this was a fertile valley filled with farms. Of course there are the seagulls, crows, ducks, pigeons, and geese. Almost daily I see red-tailed hawks, for example. A Great Blue Heron lives in several ponds and lakes nearby, and in the spring we see many bunnies along the bike paths and walkways. Tiny little things, they go tharn at the sight of us until they can’t stand our nonstop approach and flee into the brush. I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about Rabbit.

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