10 Commandments: My Version

ysabetwordsmith posted (from another LJ) the “10 commandments of Coyote” and I found them amusing. They inspired me to do the following:

1. I am the Divine; by whatever name you shall call Me, I AM

2. Worship Me, not My image.

3. My name — any one of them — is Sacred; to speak it is to invoke Me.

4. Keep the holy days in ways that are pleasing to Me.

5. Honor those who raised you.

6. Take not the life of a sentient being.

7. Engage only in consensual adult sexual pleasures.

8. Take not another’s earnings.

9. Do not lie.

10. Eschew envy.

2 thoughts on “10 Commandments: My Version

  1. lisa Post author

    I knew that was going to get me into trouble.

    I was trying to respect to basic spirit of the original commandment: thou shalt not kill. But I am all too aware of the stance that this is a biblical commandment to be a vegetarian, which I am pretty darn sure was not the original intent. (Some more recent scholarship indicates that the original word was ‘murder’ not ‘kill’ which makes a lot more sense.)

    So, in a nod to scifi, I chose the word sentient to define what can an d can’t be killed.

    In thinking it through, once again, I may just modify it to the traditional (Wiccan) “harm none” although that obviates the next couple of commandments.

    But I haven’t answered your question! Sentient denotes a state of consciousness and self-awareness that can be classed as intelligent; accompanied by tool-using abilities.

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