It may happen to you — but only if you are a woman

I read this today, and I had to re-blog it.

This, in its exactitude, has not happened to me. BUT things very similar have — especially when I was younger and more conventionally sexually attractive. The men I know would never do this. They would never allow a guy *they* know to act like this.

But for many many MANY women, this is a daily scenario. Yes, I am saying that assault is a daily event.

I’d like to think that I would be more assertive, especially now that I’ve got some Muay Thai training. But it’s more likely I would have done as she did and just waited for it to end. Because if I mis-calculated, I may have been physically assaulted as well as verbally. The only other thing I may have done differently is called the police. Perhaps he would have gotten off the train, perhaps he would have been met by the police. But, yes, perhaps he may have hit her to shut her up, to stop her from telling the police he was assaulting her.

This real. Pass it along.

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