Monthly Archives: April 2008


I hate having wireless access, but not connectivity – the corporate world of hotels is quirky that way. At lunch I’ll have to inquire as to whether I can access the hotel’s network for a fee.

I’m in Philadelphia for the 2008 RTM conference. Three days (although I’m only here for two) of discussions on sustainability, deal-structuring, and new trends in the brownfield redevelopment segment of the real estate industry. It’s not my usual gig, in that most of these types of conferences are attended by other people in the office. But its been interesting, I’m learning some things. Not a lot, but some. It’s more a matter of confirmation of concepts that I’ve carried around for awhile. Frankly, better me than someone who could be doing billable work right now.

As with many of these events (no matter the topic) some speakers are better than others. There is also a widely va rying level of passion (and expertise). Overall, day one is worth it. (Even if I just count the morning sessions.)

Hail Mercury!

What else can I do but salute and praise Him for adroitly managing my travel to Philadelphia. In the classic sense of combining practical and magickal practice, I made sure that I carried on my luggage and was open to positive events occurring. (This is my preferred mode of travel to a place; on the way home I often check my bags because I don’t care if it’s delayed.)

We left Seattle essentially on time (which is important considering how early — 6am – it was). The ride was smooth and comfortable, and we arrived about 30 minutes early thanks to a tail wind. I disembarked and headed straight for lunch at La Tapenade (I love their bacon and egg panini). Sandwich in hand, I looked for my flight (due to leave in about an hour) to Philadelphia. Oops! It’s delayed until 2pm. Good thing I have lunch, I thought. Across the way I saw a flight finishing boarding for PHL, and although I didn’t want to try and get onto it, I thought I’d wait until the agent was free to check to see if she could upgrade me (I always ask). She asked me if I wanted on board and I explained that I was ok to wait until my regular flight boarded in an hour. Unasked, she checked on my flight and informed me that it was now due to leave at 3pm – making me two hours late for my arrival.

Do you have room on this flight? I asked. Did you check your bags? She responded. No, I have them in hand. Here you go, she said, and handed me a ticket.

And so I boarded the plane, and we took off at about 1pm, arriving – 45 minutes before my scheduled arrival time – at 3:30pm. Amazing.

Hail Mercury!