Hail Mercury!

What else can I do but salute and praise Him for adroitly managing my travel to Philadelphia. In the classic sense of combining practical and magickal practice, I made sure that I carried on my luggage and was open to positive events occurring. (This is my preferred mode of travel to a place; on the way home I often check my bags because I don’t care if it’s delayed.)

We left Seattle essentially on time (which is important considering how early — 6am – it was). The ride was smooth and comfortable, and we arrived about 30 minutes early thanks to a tail wind. I disembarked and headed straight for lunch at La Tapenade (I love their bacon and egg panini). Sandwich in hand, I looked for my flight (due to leave in about an hour) to Philadelphia. Oops! It’s delayed until 2pm. Good thing I have lunch, I thought. Across the way I saw a flight finishing boarding for PHL, and although I didn’t want to try and get onto it, I thought I’d wait until the agent was free to check to see if she could upgrade me (I always ask). She asked me if I wanted on board and I explained that I was ok to wait until my regular flight boarded in an hour. Unasked, she checked on my flight and informed me that it was now due to leave at 3pm – making me two hours late for my arrival.

Do you have room on this flight? I asked. Did you check your bags? She responded. No, I have them in hand. Here you go, she said, and handed me a ticket.

And so I boarded the plane, and we took off at about 1pm, arriving – 45 minutes before my scheduled arrival time – at 3:30pm. Amazing.

Hail Mercury!

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