2016 — a year of organizing

People who know me would probably use the word ‘organized’ somewhere in the first 10 describing me. I certainly wouldn’t dispute that. But there is always more to be done when it comes to being organized, especially when one tries to live a ongoing life of de-cluttering. As with so many things, being organized isn’t a static point; its more of a process and an ongoing journey.

In 2016 our household will be undergoing a room-by-room organization. Along the way we’ll be undertaking a couple of specific projects that will either improve that room’s organization, or increase its attractiveness. (Well, that’s out plan anyway. It sort of depends on how well our craftsmanship turns out.)

Our current plan is thus:
January: garage
February: library
March: bedroom (including our closet)
April: kitchen
May: living room
June: backyard
July: guest room
August: front hall (including sideboards & closet)
September: dining room
October: bathrooms
November: offices

By spacing it out we won’t be overwhelmed and can be mindful about the choices we are making. We can also approach the project with a sense of fun rather than dread. (I’m an optimist, remember?) Personally, I think the garage will be the toughest, but maybe the front hall area will turn out to be the most difficult.

I’m planning to post, if only briefly, about each month’s organization. perhaps even with pictures!

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