2016 Accomplishments/ 2017 Goals

Each year I like to look back over the previous year, and then set goals for the coming year. Many people do this on Jan 1st; I prefer to do it on my birthday. I often refine the accomplishments and goals until my new year, Samhain, but the bulk of the work is done on or around my birthday. I also like to do a tarot reading.

Goals I set, Sept 2015-2016

Blog weekly (at least) — DONE

Create a system of advanced lessons with my coven — not even close
Develop a coven leaders’ handbook — started
Revise our 2nd * handbook — nada
start pod casting for the Art of Ritual Class — DONE
re-create and update the Art of Ritual lesson plan — DONE
re-launch the Art of Ritual — in progress (it will launch Nov 1)

Make a garden — sort of a success. My herbs died or never sprouted, my lettuce, however, was awesome
Start composting (vermiculture) and install water barrels — not even close

exercise every day — not even close
continue to lose weight (another 25 lbs would be great, 50 would be excellent) — gained weight
get your (blood work) #s down to manageable levels — not even close
maintain alignment — DONE
return to Muay Thai — not even close
take up Tai Chi or Belly Dancing or Yoga (from my bucket list) — not really, although I did spend a month (June) trying to do yoga every day

Finish another needlepoint project — in progress

Take a cooking class (from my bucket list) — nada
Cook all meals for a month (no dining out) (from my bucket list) — nada

Finish the Household Binder (from my bucket list) — not done
buy Magickal Connections back from New Page — not done
do puzzles — keep or sell (?) — not done

I also succeeded at:
inviting new friends into our social circle
pared down library by one bookcase
increased awareness of Facing North
put myself into therapy
getting published (Pagan Leadership Anthology, Jan 2016 https://www.amazon.com/Pagan-Leadership-Anthology-Shauna-Knight/dp/0993237169)
grew lettuce (!)
starting the discussion with my sister and research about eldercare for our mother
starting the research/ writing for a new book

We traveled a lot this year:
Ashland in October
Kauai in February
New York City in May
San Francisco in May
Vancouver, BC in June

Goals for the coming year:

Blog weekly (at least) on cybercoven.org
Blog bi-weekly at DawnspringHR.com
Finish Deepening the Magick
Schedule w/ LaSara
Fix back-end issue at Facing North
Create ‘Druids’ category at FN
Increase FN’s exposure

discuss eldercare scenarios w/ K.
spend ‘quality time’ with C. at least once
Finish the Household Binder (from my bucket list)
transcribe family history
start conv w/ K. re that side of the family
create a family tree
create a wedding album w/ J.

Add to index funds
No restaurant eating for 1 mo.
Make all gifts for Xmas and Bdays

Work/ Career
Update CV — create an ‘entrepreneurial resume’
Update resume
Get PMP certificate
Get a client for DSHR
pass the Series 28

Celebrate all rituals
Create a system of advanced lessons with my coven
Develop a coven leaders’ handbook (aka Deepening the Connection)
Revise our 2nd * handbook
Record podcasts w/ J (finish)

Peri-menopause is proving to be more difficult than I expected, although why I thought it would be another else, I’m not sure. Having spent two years attempting to get in better shape I find myself at the same place, if not heavier, than I was post-chemo. This is (literally) depressing. (A mental state I wrestle with far too often to be healthy, and the number one reason I put myself into therapy.)

So I will embark on another attempt:
lose 50 lbs (5 lbs/ month)
lose 10″ from waist
Consistently exercise nearly every day and at least 4x/ week
Walk 20 mins/ day
get your (blood work) #s down to manageable levels
participate in 5k in Dec, and 3 more in 2017
take yer vitamins!
use hypnosis and affirmations to support your progress

Fix the front yard to make it appealing
Make new altar cloths
Hem curtains
Paint sideboard
Paint dresser
Create constellation tablecloth
Organize digital photos

Finish Carousel Lion needlepoint project (started in 2010, this will be the fastest project I’ve completed)
Take a cooking class (from my bucket list)
Cook all meals for a month (no dining out) (from my bucket list)
Cook from the freezer for a month
buy Magickal Connections back from New Page
do a puzzle a month — keep or sell (?)
Monthly, see: O&L, I&D, D&S at least once
Monthly, call: sister, sister, mom, dad, friend, D*
Continue to deepen my relationship w/ J.
Monthly, have a meal with someone other than J.

Sumter, SC in September
Ashland in October
San Francisco in November
maybe somewhere warm in February
Chicago in April
somewhere special (Italy? Greece? Ireland?) in September

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