7:15am, Eastern

Heading home, and not too soon. The last three nights I’ve been unable to get to bed ‘early’ and it’s getting ridiculous how little sleep I’ve gotten each night. On top of which, I’ve watched a lot of TV. My brain is buzzing.

Let me say, btw, that DTW has the WORST security checkpoints – not because they aren’t doing their job, but because the layout is seriously insufficient for the traffic volume. I got to the airport at 6:45, and spent nearly 30 in the checkpoint line. There were literally hundreds of people in line, and it’s the worst I’ve seen since the just-post-9/11 days. 

I’m glad to be going home. Despite being tired, I feel rejuvenated . . . ready to get back into my passion (writing and speaking). I even have some new ideas for future presentations.

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