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It’s Feb 22nd and I’m on my way to Detroit (via Chicago) to speak at Convocation. The travel (as is typical) will take pretty much the entire day – a day that started at 4:30am when I woke up, even though I’d forgotten to set the alarm. (It’s a scary power I have). So now I’m in United’s Economy Plus, having failed to get the upgrade I paid 15k points for – and yes, I’ll be asking for a refund. Spending that much (1 point = $1 or 1 mile flown) for 1st class for an hour (Chicago to Detroit) is just not worth it.

I’m quite excited by this event – and also thrilled to see that they are already advertising (and requesting teaching submissions) for the 2009 event. Theme? The Devil (this year it’s Temperance). I am doing three presentations: Life Cycle, MGD, and Creating Community in Cyberspace. The last one is ‘new’ and I hope the presentation I put together goes over well. Of course, I also hope that people will attend. If it doesn’t go well, I’m going to have to stop doing these presentations – it’s too expensive, both financially and in terms of my time and energy.

I have high hopes, however.

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