2007 Litany of the Dead

(with grateful thanks to Dagonet Dewr for providing this to our community.)

*2007 Samhain Litany of the Dead*
*October 26, 2007*
*Dagonet Dewr – dagonet.dewr@gmail.com*
*Permission is given to distribute with attribution.*

The over 4,000 US and 40,000 Iraqi dead in the war in Iraq.

The dead in natural disasters worldwide.

Those dead of hunger, war, intolerance, injustice, crime, oppression, and other forms of human failings. May we never forget.

The dead who no one, anywhere, remembered or mourned. Remember the nameless ones.

Shekinah Mountainwater – Pagan elder and author, “Ariadne’s Thread”.

Chas V Smith – Musician, artist, and SubGenius, Cleveland.

Elric Morningstar – Pagan elder.

Gabriel of Bloodrose – Pagan elder, San Francisco.

Jim Gillette – Pagan elder, San Francisco.

Loren Adams – Pagan elder, Tampa.

Robert Anton Wilson – American author, magician, and wise man.

Rowan Snapdragon – Pagan author, Florida.

Shawn Poirier – Pagan activist, businessman, and community leader, Salem.

Tom Begley – Pagan teacher and magician, Florida.

The 32 victims of the Virginia Tech shooter.

Wendy Moher – American domestic and children’s advocate.

Eileen Caddy – Scottish spiritualist and founder of the Findhorn Community.

Joey Bishop – American comedian and member of the ‘Rat Pack’.

Deborah Kerr – American actress: “The King And I”, “From Here To Eternity”.

Teresa Brewer – American jazz vocalist.

Marcel Marceau – French mime.

Brett Somers – American TV personality, “The Match Game”.

Alice Ghostley – American TV personality, “Bewitched” and “Designing Women”.

Rex Humbard – American televangelist.

Karl Hardman – American actor, “Night Of The Living Dead”.

Madeleine L’Engle – American writer, “A Wrinkle In Time”.

Marcia Mae Jones – American child actor, “Heidi”.

Jane Wyman – American actress, “Johnny Belinda”.

Johnny Hart – American cartoonist, “B.C.”

Alex – African Grey parrot; aided scientists in groundbreaking research about animal communication at Brandeis University.

Luciano Pavarotti – Italian operatic tenor.

Bernard Gordon – American scriptwriter; “Day Of The Triffids”. Blacklisted during the 1950s Communist hysteria.

Hilly Kristal – American music entrepreneur; founder of CBGB.

Jose Luis de Villalonga – Spanish actor; “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”.

Michael Jackson – English writer and beer aficionado – “The Beer Hunter”.

Alfred Peet – Dutch-American businessman, founder of Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Leona Helmsley – American businesswoman, the “Queen of Mean”.

Max Roach – American jazz drummer.

Phil Rizzuto – American baseball player; member of the Hall of Fame.

Michaelangelo Antonioni – Italian film director, “Blow-Up”.

Bill Walsh – American football coach.

Tom Snyder – American television personality, “Tomorrow”.

Ingmar Bergman – Swedish film director, “The Seventh Seal”.

Tammy Fae Bakker Messner – American televangelist.

Charles Lane – American character actor.

Lady Bird Johnson – Former First Lady of the United States.

Doug Marlette – American cartoonist, “Kudzu”.

Chris Benoit – American professional wrestler. Also his wife, Nancy, and son Daniel.

George Melly – British jazz vocalist.

Bill Pinckney – American soul singer, last original member of the Drifters.

Beverly Sills – American operatic diva.

Joel Siegel – American movie critic and TV personality.

Hank Medress – American doo-wop vocalist, The Tokens; “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

Don Herbert – American television personality, “Mr Wizard”.

Charles Nelson Reilly – American television personality, “The Match Game”.

Yolanda King – Oldest daughter of Reverend Martin Luther King.

Jerry Falwell – American televangelist and political activist.

Wally Schirra – American astronaut, Mercury 7.

Tommy Newsom – American musician, former bandleader on “The Tonight Show”.

Tom Poston – American television personality, “Newhart”.

Bobby “Boris” Pickett – American rock singer, “The Monster Mash”.

Jack Valenti – American media personality; former president of the Motion Picture Association of America.

Michael Smuin – American choreographer and founder of the Smuin Ballet Company.

Kitty Carlisle Hart – American television personality, “To Tell The Truth”.

Brant Parker – American cartoonist, “The Wizard Of Id”.

David Halberstam – American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner.

Boris Yeltsin – Russian politician and former president of Russia.

Barry Nelson – American stage and movie actor.

Don Ho – Hawai’ian-American singer, “Tiny Bubbles”.

Mark St John – American rock guitarist; member of KISS.

Bob Clark – American movie director, “A Christmas Story”.

Betty Hutton – American movie actress, “Annie Get Your Gun”.

Buck Jones – American country music singer.

Luther Ingram – American soul singer, “If Loving You Is Wrong”.

Calvert DeForest – American TV personality; Larry “Bud” Melman on “Late Night With David Letterman”.

Stuart Rosenberg – American movie director, “Cool Hand Luke”.

Gareth Hunt – British television personality, Mike Gambit on “The New Avengers”.

Bowie Kuhn – American sports personality, former commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Richard Jeni – American television personality and stand-up comedian.

Walker Edmiston – American voice personality; voice of Ernie the Keeber Elf.

Herman Brix – American movie actor and Olympian, “The New Adventures Of Tarzan”.

Brad Delp – American rock musician, lead singer of Boston.

John Inman – British television personality; Mr Humphries on “Are You Being Served?”

Ernest Gallo – American viniculturalist; co-founder of Gallo Winery.

Thomas Eagleton – American politician, 1972 Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate.

Clem Labine – American baseball pitcher.

Arthur M Schlesinger, Jr – American historian and author.

Ian Wallace – American rock musician and drummer.

Damien Nash – American football player.

Lamar Lundy – American football player.

Lothar-Gunther Buchheim – German author, “Das Boot”.

Ryan Larkin – Canadian animator, “Walking”.

Robert Adler – American inventor, inventor of the television remote control.

Ray Evans – American lyricist, “Mona Lisa” and “Silver Bells”.

Mary Kaye – American lounge singer, The Mary Kaye Trio.

Janet Blair – American stage and movie actress, “My Sister Eileen”.

Dennis Johnson – American basketball player and coach.

Anna Nicole Smith – American reality TV personality and Playboy Playmate.

Frankie Laine – American singer, “Rawhide”.

Gian Carlo Menotti – Italian operatic composer, “Amahl and the Night Visitors”.

Tige Andrews – American TV personality, Capt Greer on “Mod Squad”.

Eric Von Schmidt – American folk musician.

Liz Renay – American model and actress.

Joe Hunter – American funk musician.

Molly Ivins – American political columnist.

Sidney Sheldon – American novelist, “Rage of Angels”.

LM Boyd – American columnist, “The Grab Bag”.

Emanuele Luzzati – Italian animation director, “Pulcinella”.

Brent Liles – American rock musician, former bassist for Social Distortion.

E Howard Hunt – American political figure and Watergate conspirator.

Scott “Bam Bam” Bigelow – American wrestler.

Art Buchwald – American humorist and political columnist.

Denny Doherty – American pop singer, member of The Mamas and The Papas.

Ron Carey – American television personality, Officer Levitt on “Barney Miller”.

Benny Parsons – American auto racer and former NASCAR champ.

Darlene Conley – American television personality, “The Bold And The Beautiful”.

Alice Coltrane – American jazz musician and composer.

Michael Brecker – American tenor saxophonist.

Carlo Ponti – Italian movie producer, “The Verdict” and “Blow-Up”.

Yvonne De Carlo – Canadian-American movie and television actress; Lily Munster on “The Munsters”.

Bobby Hamilton – American NASCAR driver.

Iwao Takamoto – Japanese-American animator, designer of the character Scooby-Doo.

Tillie Olsen – American feminist and writer, “Tell Me A Riddle”.

Garry Betty – American businessman, CEO of Earthlink.

Frank Campanella – American character actor.

Momofuko Ando – Japanese businessman, inventor of Ramen noodles.

Jared Nathan – American television personality, “Zoom”

Johnny Gibson – American track athlete and coach.

Darrent Williams – American football player.

Saddam Hussein – Former Iraqi dictator.

Gerald R Ford – American politician, 38th president of the United States.

Frank Stanton – American television personality, former president of CBS.

Carl Blaze – American disk jockey and hip-hop personality.

Dennis Linde – American songwriter, “Burning Love”.

James Brown – American soul singer, “The Godfather Of Soul”.

Denis Payton – British rock musician; member of the Dave Clark Five.

Mike Evans – American television personality, Lionel on “The Jeffersons”.

Joe Barbera – American animator, co-creator of Yogi Bear; half of Hanna-Barbera.

Chris Hayward – American animator, creator of Dudley Do-Right.

Georgia “Her Nibs” Gibbs – American blues singer, “Kiss Of Fire”.

Martin Nodell – American comic book artist, creator of The Green Lantern.

Van Smith – American costume designer, longtime collaborator with John Waters.

Peter Boyle – American television and movie actor, “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Young Frankenstein”.

Jose Uribe – Dominican professional baseball player.

Dirk Dirksen – American rock promoter; godfather of San Francisco punk scene.

Jean Kirkpatrick – American political figure; former US Ambassador to the UN.

Dave Cockrum – American comic book artist; revitalizer of the X-Men.

William Diehl – American author, “Primal Fear”.

Betty Comden – American songwriter and actress, “Singin’ In The Rain”.

John Allen Cameron – Canadian Celtic musician, groundbreaking Cape Breton guitarist.

Pat Dobson – American baseball player.

Anita O’Day – American jazz vocalist.

Phillippe Noiret – French movie actor, “Cinema Paradiso”.

Robert Altman – American movie director, “M*A*S*H*”, “Gosford Park”.

William Styron – American author, “Sophie’s Choice”.

Ernestine Gilbreth Carey – American author, “Cheaper By The Dozen”.

Ruth Brown – American soul singer.

Bo Schembechler – American football coach, University of Michigan.

Milton Friedman – American economist.

Belinda Emmett – Australian TV personality, “Home And Away”.

Jack Williamson – American science fiction author.

Gerald Levert – American rhythm and blues singer.

Ed Bradley – American television journalist, “60 Minutes”.

Jack Palance – American movie actor, “Shane” and “City Slickers”.

Sven Nykvist – Swedish cinematographer, longtime collaborator with Ingmar Bergman.

Ann Richards – American politician; former governor of Texas.

Steve Irwin – Australian naturalist and television personality; “The Crocodile Hunter”.

Robert K Hoffman – American journalist, co-founder of the “National Lampoon”.

Dagonet Dewr
“I’m not trying to make Paganism mainstream, I’m trying to make the mainstream Pagan.”

My personal additions:
Morpheus and Shasta: Beloved companions.

Frank McGill: Mother’s father.

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