A Rare Dream, Shared

I promise I won’t often share dreams with you. Partly because dreams tend to be harder to describe than it seems when you begin, but also because the lexicon of symbology is intensely personal and intimate.

Last night I dreamed of a catastrophe that wiped out much of the area our clan lived in. This was not a horrible experience, we just went on with the rebuilding. Somehow, I became the person who had managed to keep the icons safe — I ended up working with the shaman-priest/esses and doling out the many (MANY) horned god, star goddess, goddess, and god images I had saved. Oh, and the 50+ tarot decks.

Wheel of Change Deck: High Priestess

I only share this because it’s the first overtly magickal dream I’ve had in a while, and I find the significance of it occurring  only days after my final chemo significant.

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