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You can continue to be a skeptic, but I’d like to point out a few lines from Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone.

First, on Tuesday, September 15, Saturn will oppose Uranus. Saturn, now in Virgo, rules responsibilities, respect for tradition, and upholding the tried and true. Uranus is now in Pisces and rules creativity, chaos, rebellion, and all events that are unanticipated. Uranus is the slower moving planet, so Uranus will dominate this confrontation with Saturn. Innovation will be necessary from everyone.

Because Saturn will be in your house of self and identity, and Uranus will oppose Saturn, you may be in the process of updating your self-image by feedback you get from others.

The Sun rules your 12th house of places of confinement, such as hospitals or nursing homes.

The questions that are presented to you first on September 15 and then again on September 17, 18, and 23 will reveal once and for all that you that you really can’t continue on the same path as you have so far. You may be hit by a personal crisis at this time, so if you’ve been hoping something would change by itself, without your intervention, you will finally see the truth that it won’t. The decisions you make at mid-month may be painful, but even so, you will benefit from what you decide, for from then on, you will be on a much better road.

This month will demand that you see things very clearly and unemotionally. If this month were to have a slogan, it would be “Reality bites.” No matter what comes up near September 15 to 23, take a courageous stand. With the moon, Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Virgo, you are holding the winning cards.

The 15th was the day I got the news that I have cancer.

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