*** BIG NEWS ***

About 20 years ago I was unemployed for about a year and I took advantage of the “free time” to write a book. The topic? Cybercovens.

I, like a bunch of witches at the end of the last millennium, had started a practice based on interacting with other witches in the (relatively new) realm of cyberspace. We were discovering that while it wasn’t the same as being in physical space with other witches, almost everything traditional witchcraft offered was available online.
That first book, CyberCoven,Org, became two published books: The Virtual Pagan: ExploringWicca and Paganism Through the Internet (2002) and Magickal Connections: Creating a Lasting and Healthy Spiritual Group (2007).
Now, almost 20 years later, after the profound change wrought upon the magickal community, I am re-publishing my first book!
The Virtual Pagan 2.0 will be available as an ebook on as many platforms as I can manage and from myself directly. Completely updated, with two entirely new chapters, this is the book for our times.
Want to do ritual online?
Want to teach, or learn online?
Want to stay safe online?
I’ve been doing all of that since before 2000 and I have a lot of wisdom to share. All of it is time-tested and as accurate as possible.
Stay tuned for a launch date — I’m formatting as we speak!

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