Bonus Silliness

I can *too* laugh at myself.

Jeremy (aka technocowboy) posted the following on his LJ:

Me: So did you hear today’s big DUH moment?
Her: No, what happened?
Me: Clay Aiken came out.
Her: Clay Aiken…. The country singer?? WOW!!
Me: No, that’s Clay Walker.
Her: OH!! The football star?!
Me: No, that’s Troy Aikman. Clay Aiken is from American Idol.
Her: Oh….. You bitches are laughing at me.
Me: Yup. Three homos, laughing at you. 🙂

I’m the ‘Her’. Here’s the topper. When I first moved to Seattle, my friend Damien (gay) took me out dancing with him and some friends. As we’re driving through a certain part of the Capital Hill area they start talking about ‘that looks like a good place to go. no there!’ I innocently ask ‘how do you know they are gay bars? is there a secret sign or something.’ D. giggles and says ‘well, there’s the rainbow.’ Me: The rainbow? Is that a bar? D: (Pulling the car over because he’s laughing so hard) The rainbow flag.

Yes, I spent my high school lunchbreaks in the Castro, hanging out with gay men. I knew about the pink triangle. I did NOT know about the Rainbow flag.

Yes, I laugh at myself all the time. Keeps me sane.

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