Bucket List update

Last year I shared my ‘bucket list’ with you. I think it’s time for an update. (tl; dr: Lot’s of things in progress.)

So, what’s on my bucket list?

1.Take a cooking class
2.Master knife skills
3.cook all meals for a month (no dining out)
4.cook all meals for a month (no dining out OR using prepared foods [like ravioli])
5.visit all 50 states
6.eat at the ‘top’ restaurant in every city I visit
7.start a garden (grow food)
9.collect rain
10.create a passive income stream
11. (deleted)
12.exercise daily for a month — in progress
13.exercise daily for 3 months
14.exercise daily for 6 months
15.exercise daily for a year
16.Learn Tai Chi
17.Improve library bookshelves
18.Create a guest/fitness room — DONE
19.Remodel the bathroom to be your dream room
20.Pay off mortgage in 20 yrs or less — in progress (2030 or earlier)
21.Structurally reintegrate yr body (SOMA) — DONE
22.Maintain alignment
23.write another book
24.convert a previous book & give it away to the community
25.Teach at a ‘con (again)
26.learn to make the dumplings of the world
27.pet a BIG cat (Tiger, etc.)
28.Travel (see list, below)
29.learn to sing
30.master self-hypnosis — in progress
31.Be 100% debt free
32.Get to your best possible place physically — in progress
33.plan for maximal retirement opportunities
34.Learn belly dancing (again)
35.landscape front yard — in progress
36.landscape back yard — in progress
37.remodel kitchen
38.learn to take awesome photos — DONE
39.catalog electronic data (in progress) — DONE
40.make a household binder — in progress
41.clean out extraneous objects (continuous) — in progress
42.Save, plus maxing out 401(k) and IRAs  — DONE
43.Learn to bead
44.paper crafts: learn/ do for a year
45.Do 50 push ups, 50 crunches, and 50 lunges on my 50th birthday
46.Write your biography — in progress
47.Collect family stories (record, transcribe)
48.Do web videos
49.Skype and ‘cam a ritual — in progress
50.Give up meat for a month
51.Catch up w/ friends more often  — DONE
52.Get a mehndi tattoo
53.See all of Shakespeare’s plays — in progress
54.Watch turtles hatch & run for the ocean
55.Find a piece of pre Green Mark Belleek in Ireland and purchase it
56.Attend the Super Bowl

That travel list? Here you go:

Visit the 7 wonders of the world:
? Stonehenge — DONE
? Colosseum  — DONE
? Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa
? Great Wall of China — instead: Ely Cathedral
? Porcelain Tower of Nanjing – Instead Cluny Abbey
? Hagia Sophia
? Leaning Tower of Pisa
? Great Pyramid of Giza (ancient, only one still standing)

Ride a gondola in Venice
Ride the Orient Express
See the RSC in Stratford-On-Avon (again)
Northern England & Scotland
Paris (again) — DONE
London (again) — DONE
Spain: Madrid, Barcelona
Greek Islands
Sunrise at the Great Pyramid
Cruise down the Nile
Visit a black sand beach
Tucson, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Carmel/ Big Sur, CA
Key West, FL
Sistine Chapel, Rome  — DONE
Cayman Island
Ellis Island, NYC
Chicago, IL
Washington, DC (again)
Vancouver, BC (again)
Montreal, QC (again)
Bora Bora
A week at a 5 star spa resort
Ride the West Highland Railway, Scotland
Stendhal from Paris to Venice (?)
Full Moon Party on Tortola (?)
Burning Man (?)
Go on a cruise
Whale watching
Sail down the Nile
Karnak Temple (Egypt)
Turks & Caicos
Walk Hadrian’s Wall
See the Garden of Cosmic Speculation (Scotland, again)
Ireland (again)
Sleep in a castle

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