Call Us Crazy

Last night we handed in our earnest money for a new house. Today we’re looking for a home loan.

Yeah. I know.

It all started Sunday when we went out to look at a new development being built a few miles away. We do this every 6 mos or so, just as an exercise in checking out what’s available. Its a great conversation starter about our goals and expectations.

We found a great home, of course. But things got serious ONLY when we were offered the deal of a lifetime: no $ down, no closing costs, a 30 yr fixed rate loan at 5%, and no PMI.

The kicker, of course, is that we need to sell our current home. We’re going to sell for less than the appraised value, and are willing to make a wide range of deals to get this place gone. It’s a gamble.

My prayer for right now?

If it is meant to be, let it be.

If it is not meant to be, make it fail.

Clearly, we didn’t have enough to do.

3 thoughts on “Call Us Crazy

  1. Lorena

    Hmm, could you rent your current place, or do you need to sell? Renting has its own risks of course, but it’s generally worked out well for my dad, so I wondered if it might be an option for you. Whatever happens, I hope it works out well for you!

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