crazy month

It’s hard to believe its been nearly a month since i last posted, but when I look back, I can see why. J. and I are preparing for our glorious trip to London next week; I am preparing for Ecumenicon just before then; and we’re renovating our ‘workshop’ (inheirited from the former owners) into a workout/guest room.

We’ve learned a lot from this project: Demolition is easy, but thinking through the basic physics of how a piece is constructed is necessary — especially when it is ‘hand built.’ A really good list will save you repeated trips to the big box DIY store. ‘Mudding’ your newly installed wall takes twice as much drying time as you thought (and threes times as long as you hoped). Carpeting the floor before you install said new wall and paint makes cleaning (and keeping clean) really hard.

We put up some pictures, here.

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