Dark Lightning

I’ve disliked my tradition’s Samhain ritual for years. YEARS. Its got a vaguely condescending tone to large swathes of it, it doesn’t show so much as TELL, there are bits that don’t align with anything else in our mythos, and — worst of all — it is incredibly wordy. (Less of a problem in person, but online — deadly!)

Since last year, yes a full year, I’ve had it on my ‘to do’ list to rewwrite the Samhain ritual. Let me just point out that I am not a procrastinator. But I am at the mercy of the Muse and although I tried to tackle this task a number of times throughout the year, I failed. I had conversations with various people. I researched alternate styles and methodlogies and mythos’.

I failed.

Today, at 1:30 — a mere five hours before we were to gather in preparation for the ritual — the Muse came to visit. Two hours later I had a completely redone ritual. Completely.

And you know what? Its damn good. (and I don’t say that lightly.)

Many blessings, Muse. Many thanks.

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