February Facing North Update

Spring is coming and we’ve updated our offerings!

To start, we have two articles. The first is from Connie Domino, MPh, RN, and talks about leaders and forgiveness. The second is from Lawrence Ellyard and disccuses the seven steps to recession-proofing your natural therapy business.

Then we have ten new reviews, our usual mix of items of interest to the community. Two older books by Lupa are reviewed by Daven, along with my first book, The Virtual Pagan.

Hot off the presses, we have reviews of Crafting a Magical Life, Creating Trance & Hypnosis Scripts, 7 Great Prayers, The Magician’s Way, Voudou Money Magic, and Forbidden Rites. Rounding all of this out is a review for the CD Dancing with Hecate from our newest reviewer, Katsai.

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