Finally finished! Top 100 Fantasy Books

I admit, I really lost my momentum on this project after 2019 ended. I eventually got back on track and, with a bit of grim determination, finished.

Here then are the last batch of books I read from this list:

My Soul to Keep Due, Tananarive This was difficult to finish, but not the fault of the writing, which is deft and elegant. Simply, I hated the main male character and couldn’t relate to the religious main female character. Not that she’s religion, but that a huge part of her thoughts and dialogue center around it, which made it extremely difficult for me to connect with her. Utterly refreshing to have immortals who aren’t white — that’s a huge plus.
Alanna: The First Adventure Pierce, Tamara Great fun! I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.
Palimpsest Valente, Catherynne M. Lush prose and a fantastically imagined world bring this novel to life. This is an elegant and evocative world.
Throne of the Crescent Moon Ahmed, Saladin The author struggles to find their voice through much of this novel, but I fell in love with City and it’s tales.
The Changeling Lavalle, Victor Dark, dark, DARK story. It seemed like a fairy tale, but then went very strange and kind of awful. I’m really not good with stories of children being harmed.
The Chronicles of Chrestomanci Jones, Diana Wynne A little slow to get started, I ended up liking this tale a lot more than I expected. I’m looking forward to reading more stories in this world.
Blood of Elves Sapkowski, Andrzej So this is where The Witcher came from. A confusing start, obviously coming from the short stories that came before. Great world, intriguing sub-sub plots.
Mistborn Sanderson, Brandon Complicated plot; I just could not get interested in the characters
Brown Girl in the Ring Hopkinson, Nalo A dystopian novel in an unusual setting with a convoluted, interesting, plot.
City of Saints and Madmen Vandermeer, Jeff I skipped this, not liking the author (based on four novels)
City of Stairs Bennett, Robert Jackson Not at all interesting.
Crown Duel Smith, Sherwood Clearly a young adult novel, it did not engage my interest.
Crystal Shard Salvatore, R.A. I know it’s iconic, but it’s also dated and (sorry) mediocre.
My Father’s Dragon Gannett, Ruth Charming child’s book with a clever and fun plot.
Perdido Street Station Miéville, China I was attracted by the steampunk aspect, but the writing was overblown gore porn that lost me within the first couple of chapters.
Running With the Demon Brooks, Terry I wanted to like this story (which one person described as a kind of prequel to his Shannara series . . . It’s not). In the end, I found it sad and didn’t care to continue the series.
Sabriel Nix, Garth Another author loved by many, but not by me
The Dragonbone Chair Williams, Tad An author and book loved by many, but not I
Monstress Liu, Marjorie M. graphic novel
Amulet of Samarkand Stroud, Jonathan graphic novel
The Blade Itself Abercrombie, Joe NOT AVAILABLE
Tales of the Dying Earth Vance, Jack NOT AVAILABLE
Gardens of the Moon Erikson, Steven Impenetrable; crazy-making that you apparently need to read at least three books in this series before I begins to tie together.
Wizard and Glass King, Stephen Super trippy and odd.
The Dreamstone Cherryh, C. J. Classic fantasy created in a glorious dying world.

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