Fresh committments

Although I am a reviewer, I have a lot of ‘occult’ books I haven’t read in a long time, or got because they looked interesting and never read at all. (If given a choice between a juicy fantasy novel I’ve read before and a dry nonfiction new book I will consistently choose to re-read.)

I’m hereby committing to reading every book, likely alphabetically (by author), that I do not immediately remember in great detail. Some of them may end up as reviews here (and cross-posted to Facing North, of course), others just as swift blurbs that capture my immediate thoughts. A few will likely be purged. (I hate purging, however. I always feel like there was something useful that I might want later.) It’s necessary to do, however, if only because I only have so much bookshelf space (45 linear feet) and it’s nearing full.

On the stack: Andrews’ 1st 3; Ruth Barrette’s  Women’s Rites; Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season; Blamire’ Glamoury; Blawyn & Jones’ Chakra Workout; Bleakley’s Fruits of the Moon Tree; three ‘Idiot’s Guides’ (Wicca Craft, Spells and Spellcraft, and Hypnosis); Collins’ Building a Magickal Relationship; and Coyle’s Evolutionary Witchcraft.

Hmm. I wonder how long this will take.

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