Full Moon (August 2013)

Last night I did a full moon working for abundance with my coven and class. I did it despite feeling emotional mixed up. You see, I’d just had a lovely afternoon with my husband including a memory-sharing conversation about some early events from our relationship and serious snuggling. That said, my husband will be starting to work a late shift tonight, and for the next six months (maybe longer), so we’re about to just not see much of each other for a long time.

But a priestess doesn’t get to just be quiet when she has people relying on her (it’s one reason so many of us burn out), so I called circle, created ritual, shifted energy, and released that energy all while feeling vaguely sad in the back of my mind. I was conscious of not wanting to inadvertently create an abundance of sadness, and much of my personal time in ritual was spent working through those feelings.

Not a great ritual you might say.

Except that I’m feeling really good today, and getting all sorts of small reminders from the universe that I live an abundant life, full of richness and joy. I’ll have a lot of time to get a variety of projects completed, and solitude in which to focus on those tasks. (Yes, my husband is a distraction, in all the right ways.)

I’m feeling sort of excited about the quiet time stretching out before me, and yet already planning little things to do to break it up and see each other in the daytime. (Work from home, for example, or taking a day off just to play.)

Yes, my life is about to be turned upside down, but it will benefit our household in a couple of ways, and its also good for the company we work at. (And, what benefits the company ultimately benefits us.)

I believe the ritual brought me exactly what I most needed.


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