Full Moon in Capricorn: A Follow Up

(To read my original post, see: Full Moon in Capricorn)

Magic is fascinating, especially when it happens in your life unexpectedly.

I found myself in conversation with my sister C. on Friday night. Please understand that my sister isn’t very interested in the spiritual side of her life. She’s not unsympathetic, it just doesn’t have a lot of relevance for her. So I very rarely mention what’s going on with me in that part of my life — including my plans for the FMR.

Out of nowhere, she began to talk to me about the relevance of my stepfather (now ex) in my life. He was there from 7 to 17 when I left home, and didn’t divorce my mom until several years later. He played a part in my formation — good and bad. There are triggers, tapes, that go off because of my life with him.

And I never talk about him.

J. knows I had a stepfather, and his name, but essentially nothing else. He knows more about my step-sister (legally ex, but once a sister, always a sister), in fact. C pointed out that this was a disservice to both of us. J. needs to know why I have certain specific reactions, and I need to remember and honor the man who played a large role in raising me.

Sometimes I think magic works best when you state an intention and allow whatever happens to happen — just get out of its way. At least, it seems that way for me.

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