Garden Joys

At this time of year, J’s ever-blooming gift to me is doing just that: blooming. Here’s some pictures:

roses and lillies

roses and lilies

The lilies are on their 3rd year, the roses on their 2nd.

What is astonishing to me is that this:


turned into this, a few days later:


The flame sort of mellowed into a pink (and the rose faded further over the next day so it was a cream with pale pink edges just before it died). Even more astonishing, the same plant produced this:


Here’s a picture of the whole grouping:

DSCN3421I have no idea what the purple flowered plant is in the lower left hand corner. I know I planted it, but I didn’t keep track. It’s HUGE (5 ft tall) and the flowers look like this, close up:


The little white flowers are my lovely Alyssium:


I love my flower garden!

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