Green v Wetlands: responses

Lupabitch replied:

I think if you can sufficiently hide the doo in the wetlands so nobody complains, that would be the best option. Otherwise, if you have to use a bag, get a small garbage can with a tight lid and keep it outdoors. Empty the little bag into it, and toss the whole thing weekly–that will at least help cut down on plastic to an extent.

and ysabetwordsmith as well:

First, go study the field. Do birds or bunnies nest there? Is there any water in it at any time of the year, and if so, does the water contain fish or amphibians? Are there any plants or animals that might be disturbed by people or pets? Do other people let their pets eliminate there? Traffic is more likely to prove harmful than waste, considering that wetland animals have to eliminate also. But a lot of dogs in one small space will quickly turn it into a giant outhouse, which is the point of scooping in the first place. > My sweetie has started taking the puppy to the wetlands and letting her eliminate in there as an alternative to using a doggy-do bag. Also look for other alternatives. Plastic is pretty bad. There are biodegradable scooper bags: An even better idea would be to compost the pet waste; a group of people cooperating can share the cost and labor, making this much more practical than plastic bags. Here are some resources:

Birds do nest there, and so do rabbits. I once saw a possum run by, but I suspect it was heading from non-developed area to non-developed area in an attempt to get to the nature preserve nearby. (I say that because it has never reappeared and the habitat is much to small to keep it fed). Other dogs do not seem to eliminate in there.

No standing water, even in the wet season (winter), although the ground can get pretty soggy. Sadly, no composting allowed — nor do I have anything more than a back porch on which to do said composting. But it is the future choice (along with that backyard — I plan to train her to do her ‘big business’ in one specific area) with a pooper scooper to pick it up and dump it in the compost — me that is, not her 🙂

Two people isn’t a large response, but the hideous nature of plastic is starting to seriously outweigh the problems associated with her eliminating in the wetlands. I do think I’ll see if the HOA will switch the current brand of doggy do bags to biodegrable ones. That would be the best overall positive change.

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