hit by a car

On Dec 23 I was crossing the street on my way home and was hit by a car.

Said like that: how terrifying and scary!

What actually happened, from my point of view, was more complicated.

The people waiting to turn right onto the street were waiting for me to cross, being a pedestrian and that’s the law and all. But stupid driver “didn’t see me”, saw them not turning, and decided to make his left turn onto that road. Thereby hitting me. A whole series of bad decisions, and at least one actual traffic violation on his part.

I am so completely not at fault.

Miraculously, I am also incredibly uninjured.

My left foot was badly bruised (I think he ran over it). My right shin impacted something, there was a dent and a huge swelling. My right ankle bruised up after a few days. The worst of it is my neck and shoulders, with some collateral damage to the low back. Three weeks later I’m still achy in the neck, and prone to sharp pains when I turn my head too quickly. It’s difficult to work at the computer ‘all day’ I have chiropractics 3x a week, and started weekly therapeutic massage.

The thing I’ve learned after all of this is: I basically don’t dwell on the ‘might-have-beens’, I’ve got plenty to worry about with the ‘could-happens’.

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